Wanting to raise funds for Cullercoats RNLI, April 2015 will see Anna Heslop undertake a challenge of a lifetime as she prepares to drive her own team of huskies 250km across the frozen wilderness of the Arctic.

Sledding from Tromso, Norway she will cross the Swedish border to Jukkasjarvi through forests and mountains. Over 6 days Anna will be responsible for her own team of Huskies where 3 of her days will see her travel over 50km per day. Some of the sledding will be demanding as she travels through mountains and hills where she will regularly need to dismount and push the sled when the gradient becomes too steep for the huskies to pull alone. She will endure temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.

A typical day for Anna will be long- at least 14 hours. It will start with preparing the dogs (feeding, harnessing and clearing up after them) and her sled for the day, then the day will end setting up camp and feeding and preparing the huskies for the evening.

Anna has already started training to enhance her fitness levels ready for the challenge as she will need to have strength to steer and push her sled over tough terrain.

Asked why she wanted to do this to particularly raise funds for Cullercoats Lifeboat Anna said: ‘I have been a volunteer crew member for a year now. I see what great work the lifeboat and crew do and the RNLI rely purely on public donations and brewery fundraisings. I am able to not only challenge myself but raise funds at the same time for a great cause which is no bad thing’