LAUNCH | 1st September | 19:33

Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Cullercoats Lifeboat to reports of multiple persons in the water off ST Mary’s Lighthouse. Due to the high tides and worsening weather conditions the crew launched immediatley and proceeded to the scene where Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade was observing the people.As the crew arrived on scene the casualties had made their way out of the water and were met by members of TVLB who confirmed all was ok and nobody needed assistance. With that the lifeboat stood down and returned to station.

LAUNCH | 30th July | 18:18

Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Cullercoats Lifeboat to reports of a surfer in difficulty off Tynemouth Long-Sands. Shortly before the lifeboat launched, the crew were stood down as Tynemouth RNLI’s Inshore Lifeboat, who were already launched on another service, were diverted to the scene. The crew rehoused the lifeboat and prepared it for the next callout.

Also in Attendance – Tynemouth RNLI

REQUESTED | 12th July | 12:18

As the crew were washing down after exercise they heard a diving RIB calling in that they had suffered gear box difficulty between the Tyne piers. The crew contacted Humber Coastguard to say they were available if required to launch. After communicating with the RIB, the lifeboat was requested to provide assistance in towing the casualty vessel back to South Shields Sailing Club.

LAUNCH | 30th June | 19:30

Also in Attendance – Northumbria Police, North East Ambulance Service, NEAS Hazardous Area Response Team (HART)

LAUNCH | 29th June | 15:58

On Monday 29 June Cullercoats Lifeboat was paged by Humber Coastguard following reports of a girl on rocks near the water at the end of Whitley Bay promenade. At 3.58pm the Lifeboat was launched and within 2 minutes was at the scene.

When the volunteer lifeboat crew of Peter Clark, Curtis Dunn and Scott Jones, arrived at the scene they liaised with the Fire and Rescue team who were assisiting in the recovery of the casualty. It was agreed by all rescue services which included Tynemouth Volunteer Lifeboat Brigade, who were assisting the Fire service, that it would be best to recover the young girl via the Lifeboat.

The location of the casualty meant that the Lifeboat could not get close enough to gain direct access. It became apparent during the rescue the the young girl’s intoxicated state meant that she needed assistance quickly in case she became unsteady as the water was coming up to her.

Peter Clark, Helmsman of RNLI Cullercoats, instructed Scott to secure himself by rope and enter the water to recover her back to the Lifeboat whilst at the same time an ambulance was requested to go to Cullercoats Boathouse whilst the casualty was being recovered.

The Lifeboat was able to recover the casualty and be back at the station for the waiting ambulance only 15 minutes later. The girl, who had cuts and bruises was taken to the local hospital for assessment.

Frank Taylor, Operations Manager at RNLI Cullercoats said: ‘The specific training the volunteer crew undertake regularly on training days came into good use this afternoon’.

Also in Attendance – Tyne & Wear Fire Rescue Service, Northumbria Police, North East Ambulance Service, Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB), RNLI Lifeguards

LAUNCH | 28th June | 19:20

On Sunday 28 June at 7.20pm, the crew from Cullercoats RNLI were alerted to launch from Humber Coastguard following a call from one of RNLI Tynemouth’s Lifeboat crew.

The Lifeboat, Hylton Burdon, was quickly on the scene securing the two Jet Skis and the four casualties involved. The first Jet Ski had suffered engine failure and was identified to be in difficulty by a family memberon the shore, who then notified her close friend in Tynemouth RNLI and he then advised Humber Coastguard.

Whilst this was happening another two persons from a different party launched their Jet Ski in an attempt to assist. Unfortunately, the rope entangled the propeller when they reached the stricken Jet Ski thus making it a two Jet Ski rescue. The Lifeboat then towed the two Jet Skis and the four casualties safely back to the harbour and appropriate safety advice was given.

Peter Clark, Leading Helmsman Cullercoats RNLI said: ‘It was good to see all the casualties were wearing life jackets. It was unfortunate that the second ‘Good Samaritan’ Jet Ski got entangled as they potentially put themselves and others in danger’.

LAUNCH | 11th April | 12:03

On Saturday 11 April at 12:03pm, Cullercoats RNLI received a call to launch from Humber Coastguard following a 999 call from two people stranded on their boat half a mile out from Tynemouth Longsands.

The volunteer lifeboat crew of Scott Jones (Helmsman), Ben Bradshaw, Ross Dunn and Mark Bolas launched within 6 minutes and were at the scene 3 minutes later. Nearing the boat the crew noticed the leisure boat was tilting with the rear of the boat taking on water. The two casualties, both from Whitley Bay, had been out earlier when conditions were fairer.

It became apparent that the boat had suffered engine failure and due to the sea conditions and strength of the wind the water was washing over onto the deck. One of the casualties explained that the anchor was unable to secure the boat and that had been drifting further out to sea.

One RNLI crew member went aboard the stricken boat with the two casualties transferring to the lifeboat at which time the boat was secured by rope and towed back to Cullercoats Bay. Both men were checked over and were unharmed apart from being cold and wet.

Ben Bradshaw, RNLI Cullercoats volunteer crew member, said: ‘The wind strength and direction created a choppy sea which was worse further out to sea. Had the two casualties not acted quickly by calling Humber Coastguard, the boat would have drifted faster away from shore and the consequences may have been different.’

LAUNCH | 29th March

On Sunday morning 29th March, whilst on a training exercise, Cullercoats Lifeboat was paged by Humber Coastguard notifying them of a speedboat which had mechanical problems.
Within minutes the volunteer crew, led by Helmsman Paul Tooke, were at the scene and found that the speedboat had a failed engine and were drifting in the sea swell with no controls. The speedboat crew explained what had happened to the lifeboat crew and it was decided the best course of action was to tow the speedboat back to Cullercoats Bay. A secure line was established and a RNLI crew member stayed on the speedboat whilst being safely towed back. Paul Tooke, Helmsman RNLI Cullercoats said: ’Both casualties followed correct procedures by contacting the Coastguard and with the Lifeboat already on the water on exercise we were able to get the the stricken boat very quickly.’

LAUNCH | 18th January | 14:00

Crewmembers on station overheard a MAYDAY call from a group of kayakers reporting to be in difficulty North of the North Tyne Pier. The lifeboat immediately launched to assist and began pulling the kayakers out of the water while Tynemouth lifeboats made their way to the scene. The paddlers were transferred onto the Severn Class lifeboat from Tynemouth, allowing the Cullercoats Crew to go back and pick up the rest of the group and their equipment. After 15 minutes of racing back and forth all kayakers were safe and brought to Tynemouth Haven by Tynemouth RNLI and Red Seal Rescue members who had come to assist. The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station