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Cullercoats Brewery welcomes RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew

The brewery, which supports the lifeboats with a 3p donation for every pint sold, invited volunteer crew members of RNLI Cullercoats to enjoy a tour and see how the locally named beers are brewed from start to finish.

Bill Scantlebury, owner of Cullercoats Brewery had been a qualified solicitor, but decided in 2011 to make the leap from law to beer! He is now a happy brewer.

The real guide

During the tour Bill explained to the crew the process of brewing and gave a talk about the various stages that goes into making his eight different types of real ale. The visitors were also provided with an opportunity to taste the different beers and how the different ingredients gave the beers their uniqueness.

Cullercoats Brewery draws its inspiration from the rich history of Cullercoats Lifeboats. Two beers named ‘Lovely Nelly’ and’ Jack the Devil’ was as a result of the stormy events of New Year’s Day 1861, when theLovely Nelly ran aground off Cullercoats Bay. The bowman on the Cullercoats Lifeboat was John Chisholm whose nickname was ‘Jack the Devil’.

Since Bill decided to start donating 3p per pint in 2012 he has raised a fantastic figure of over £17,000 for Cullercoats Lifeboats. As such, the Brewery is the major financial donor to the Lifeboat station.

Bill Scantlebury explained why he supports the RNLI: ‘In my younger days I used to enjoy the coast and done a lot of surfing at Tynemouth. I came to understand the work RNLI volunteers do and their commitment to go out whatever the conditions’.

Scott Jones, Helmsman at Cullercoats Lifeboats, who was one of the visitors said: ‘What Bill has done by donating 3p per pint is a fantastic gesture and the amount he has raised over the last three years is phenomenal. There were some disappointed volunteer crew who were not able to visit the brewery as we needed to ensure that there was sufficient crew available in case there was a shout’.

St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church supports RNLI Cullercoats Lifeboat Station

Generous Funds Received

RNLI Cullercoats has received generous funds of £315.00 from St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Monkseaton. The cheque presentation took place on Sunday 22nd of February along with two other donations to Alzheimer’s Society and St. Oswalds Hospice.

Each year the church lists a number of charities which is then short listed to three ‘finalists’ by way of vote by members of the church. This year RNLI Cullercoats was one of the three lucky charities to be awarded this kind donation. Ann Hammond Assistant Church Secretary added: ’We were all pleased to support the RNLI and especially one of our local stations. Our members have worked hard throughout the year running many events including, film club, table top sales and regular concerts among just some of the events’.

The church raised a total of £945.00 which has been split equally between the three charities.

Captain Kinghorn, Lifeboat Education Officer said: ‘We feel exceptionally grateful for this generous donation and can be rest assured the money will be put to great use’.

Quarry Pub Recognised

The Quarry pub customers have been raising money for the RNLI Cullercoats for many years and this year was no different with an outstanding £1,023.68 raised in 2015.

Customers came out in their numbers on New Year’s Day to support the annual fundraising activities.

Every New Year’s Day at The Quarry there are planned events, auctions and raffles. This has been taking place for over 32 years and is always well supported by the customers.

Local businesses also get involved by donating prizes or their services which go for auction. This cannot happen without the commitment and generosity of the Quarry pub regulars and particularly Gloria Taylor, Nicola Dawson, Doug and Trish McGlasson.

This year the RNLI decided to give something back, with two surprise presentations, the first to Trish and Doug a letter of recognition for their great support sent directly from the RNLI headquarters in Poole and a specially designed plaque presented to The Quarry pub, from all the RNLI Cullercoats staff and crew.

Trish McGlasson who has been involved in RNLI fundraising for 30 years said: ‘Without the great help from Nicola and Gloria throughout the year, this event would never get off the ground. I know some of the lads who are crew members who give their time voluntarily to save lives at sea and it is a worthwhile local charity.

‘We all would like to thank the local businesses and pub customers who every year support our efforts.  To be handed a letter of thanks from the RNLI was completely unexpected and both me and Doug were overwhelmed.’

Colin Chapman, tenant of The Quarry public house, said: ‘Since taking over the pub eight years ago my wife Kathryn and I have been very happy continuing to help and support the regulars in their fundraising for Cullercoats RNLI. We arrange events which includes a Tug of War with the crew and auctions on New Year’s Day. It is always a good event with everyone getting involved, we were delighted to be recognised for our continued support and our new plaque will be mounted in a proud place behind the bar for everyone to see.’

David Wakenshaw, RNLI Cullercoats chairman added: ‘We are very thankful for the longstanding support The Quarry pub customers and staff has given Cullercoats Lifeboat over the last eight years since Colin and Kath took over. It’s amazing how the community comes together.’

Historic Fundraising For Cullercoats Lifeboat

Wanting to raise funds for Cullercoats RNLI, April 2015 will see Anna Heslop undertake a challenge of a lifetime as she prepares to drive her own team of huskies 250km across the frozen wilderness of the Arctic.

Sledding from Tromso, Norway she will cross the Swedish border to Jukkasjarvi through forests and mountains. Over 6 days Anna will be responsible for her own team of Huskies where 3 of her days will see her travel over 50km per day. Some of the sledding will be demanding as she travels through mountains and hills where she will regularly need to dismount and push the sled when the gradient becomes too steep for the huskies to pull alone. She will endure temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.

A typical day for Anna will be long- at least 14 hours. It will start with preparing the dogs (feeding, harnessing and clearing up after them) and her sled for the day, then the day will end setting up camp and feeding and preparing the huskies for the evening.

Anna has already started training to enhance her fitness levels ready for the challenge as she will need to have strength to steer and push her sled over tough terrain.

Asked why she wanted to do this to particularly raise funds for Cullercoats Lifeboat Anna said: ‘I have been a volunteer crew member for a year now. I see what great work the lifeboat and crew do and the RNLI rely purely on public donations and brewery fundraisings. I am able to not only challenge myself but raise funds at the same time for a great cause which is no bad thing’

Cullercoats RNLI Recieved a special award

Cullercoats Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has received a special award in recognition of the training and educational opportunities that it provides for its volunteers.

The charity’s lifeboat station in Cullercoats recently received an NIACE Adult Learners’ Week Northern Region Employer Award, after being nominated by a volunteer crewmember’s mother.

Kay Heslop’s daughter Anna is part of the crew and after observing the valuable skills that she has developed during her training, Kay put the station forward for the award.

Kay and Anna Heslop attended a regional awards ceremony on Friday 5 June at Leeds Civic Hall to collect the award on behalf of Cullercoats RNLI. They were accompanied by Stephen Wood, President of the Leeds RNLI Business Branch.

The Award was presented by Louise Morritt from the One Awards, who had sponsored the Employer Award in the Northern Region.

The NIACE (The National Voice for Lifelong Learning) is an educational charity in England and Wales which is dedicated to providing and supporting adult learning opportunities.

Adult Learners’ Week is in its 24th year and this year it received over 1000 nominations for its four main award categories. The employer award was one of these categories.

Kay Heslop explained why she nominated Cullercoats RNLI: ‘Every member of the volunteer crew must undergo a rigorous programme of training and development and sustain their learning and fitness. Not only do members need to have the practical skills to manage and maintain equipment, but they must develop their knowledge of safety, effective communication and rescue strategies.

‘The training that the crewmembers receive is second to none. Over the past year my daughter has been able to learn and apply new skills, growing in her role as a probationer crewmember. Cullercoats RNLI has motivated her to be an independent and reliable young adult and has taught her crucial life skills as well as nurturing a sense of community and support for others.’

Anna Heslop added: ‘It was a real honour to attend the awards and collect the employer award on behalf of Cullercoats RNLI. The station is a very deserving winner and it was great to see them recognised in this way.

‘I view my fellow crewmembers as my extended family. They’re committed and courageous as well as being supportive and encouraging. They each have their own work commitments but still find time to dedicate their time to serving others. I’m really proud to belong to such a dedicated team.’

Frank Taylor, Cullercoats RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, said: ‘I’m delighted Cullercoats lifeboat station has received this special award. I must thank Kay Heslop for nominating us and the NIACE Adult Leaners’ Week for recognising us in this way